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You + Me = Similar

I am genuinely committed to YOUR Success + Excellence.

My personal and professional experiences are your roadmap to a different life for you and your family. 

Not long ago, I was barely making ends meet. I was living paycheck to paycheck and did not have any extra resources to cushion the unexpected. 


Today, I’m running a successful business and traveling with my son. I want YOU to know that this life is also possible for you! 


I am so freaking passionate about the social impact sector. I am equally passionate about being in service and helping YOU live in a way that is meaningful.


Nonprofit Grant Writing Professionals is powered by The Rayvan Group, LLC.


The Rayvan Group, LLC works with clients nationwide to build sustainable and effective fundraising solutions. We serve as an extension of your team and work in partnership with your organization.

Under our leadership and guidance, The Rayvan Group, LLC, has helped make BIG IMPACT across the US and beyond!
Last year's impact summary: 
  • Helped to raise $7.5 mil

  • Served 15 clients

  • 175 hours of pro bono work for friends around the globe

Our goal this year is to help raise over $10 mil for our clients!

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